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It’s time….

To be your biggest fan.

To live out your purpose.

To treat your body with respect.

To see your deepest vulnerabilities as your greatest strengths.

Midlife is the time when the universe shakes your shoulders and says, ”Hey, I’m not messing around here.”

Bye bye, booze. Hello, amazing new life. Now it’s your turn to show up for yourself and create a life driven by a clear head, a healing body and a courageous heart.

At Midlife Sober Girl we talk about:

Alcohol Free Living

Removing toxins from alcohol, food, home and beauty products, habits and mindset.

Rebuilding self-esteem and relationships.

Finding purpose.

You kicked the alcohol, not it’s time to get your life back.

Your time starts now.

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Hi, I’m Juli, and I want you to love your sober life.

Up until not all that long ago, I was really overweight, anxious and depressed, and drinking a minimum of a bottle of wine most nights of the week. I was also terrified that I was going to end up wasting the rest of my life.

It became empty glass clear that I needed to end my decades-long toxic codependent relationship with alcohol if I was going to live a life of purpose before it was too late.

Alcohol dependence isn’t selective. It almost never looks like the protagonist in Leaving Las Vegas. It is a sneaky, glamorously marketed, addictive substance that comes into your life like a fad diet with the promise of getting something the “easy way.” It guarantees a temporary numbing, a time out, a short, false feeling of invincibility.

I found this security blanket as an insecure teen and didn’t look back. And by the time you figure out this is all a ruse, you’re already in over your head.

I wanted out.

When I finally came to terms that Winey and I needed to break up, I set out with white knuckles and good intentions. Kicking an addiction, or substance habit seems simple: just do it. But when you think it’s your bestie, and your stuck in a physiological habit, it’s also hard as hell.

But it was time so I wrote a final promise letter to myself:

Dear Juli, Haven’t you had enough? Aren’t you ready for more before it’s too late? You cannot fulfill God’s plan for your life and keep drinking. I love you. Let’s do this.

LOVE, Juli

On this most recent and final heave ho, I followed a self-paced coaching program, reread This Naked Mind, and created a toolbox of all the things that worked for me to replace and renounce my drinking.

Sobriety doesn’t usually doesn’t stick after the first try so this was not my first (or second) time going Alcohol Free. But the training wheels were off and I was ready. Plus, I was super sick and tired of my own crap and feeling terrible all the time. This is usually when the real magic happens.

After I closed the door and took back my house key from Winey for the last time, I panicked. I was scared and sweaty and a little shaky. Not because I had withdrawals or wanted to go back to the (anti) safety net of drinking-dom. I absolutely did not. But I was not on solid ground.

I had done the hard and holy work of breaking up with booze, but the neon blinking sign in my brain flashed, “NOW WHAT? What comes next? How to do STAY here?

Then & Now

After thirty years of deep, dark habitual drinking that included more than one rock-bottom, here I am at the happiest and healthiest I have ever felt at 52 years old.

midlife sober girl

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