Real Self-Care

Restorative-Empowered-Audacious-Lifestyle (R.E.A.L.) Self Care
Staying alcohol free means committing to yourself first and foremost. You should be your #1 Fan. This means doing the work of R.E.A.L. Self-care. This is not simply dry-brushing and monthly nail treatments, this is:

Removing Environmental and Lifestyle Toxins
Giving your body the stuff it needs to feel amazing and heal the damage that drinking causes.
Making movement a non-negotiable. Any kind you like doing.
Being knowledgeable about the destruction of alcohol.
Changing your habits and reward system.
Building your self-esteem.
Finding and fulfilling your purpose.

This is REAL SELF CARE. This is the good, hard, gritty stuff that makes you better. This is the key that will empower you to live a purposeful sober life and stay alcohol free.